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What Can Axis Chiropractic Do For Me?

Working with us is simple!

The majority of our patients are referred from family, friends or other healthcare professionals, and the reason for the referrals is simple: We don’t waste your time. We offer a comprehensive NeuroStructural Correction examination that gives us detailed information and this detailed information helps us to provide specific NeuroStructural chiropractic care that gets results.

To become a New Patient at Axis Chiropractic:

1. Schedule a Complimentary Consultation. Remember, this is ALWAYS a conversation and NEVER a commitment.

2. If you already know you would like to proceed with a NeuroStructural Correction examination following the complimentary consultation, then please bring the appropriate attire. Alternatively, we can schedule your examination for a later date after you have completed your complimentary consultation.

3. We will schedule your conference after the examination and after the conference is complete, we will proceed with the start of your NeuroStrucutral Correction. Please note that following your first visit, you may receive a courtesy call from the doctor. The purpose of this call is check in and to answer any questions you may have or forgot to ask. This call is simply a courtesy and we are not looking to solicit or verify your commitment to care.

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Where a consultation is a Conversation-NOT A Commitment.

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