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Think of the spine as the foundation or structure of a building. If the foundation was off, would it be expected that the floors would buckle, windows would creak, and the walls would crack? One can patch the problem, but would do so with the expectation that the issue would eventually return.
Rather than constantly addressing the symptoms, or secondary conditions, we’ve chosen to correct the underlying problem with the neurostructural system.

Just as we understand that there are many conventional chiropractors in the area, we also acknowledge that our services aren’t for everyone. However, if you are tired of patching the problem, and are looking for a long term solution, Axis Chiropractic may be the right fit for you. While we work together to improve the neurostructural shift, we will show you how to keep it that way, through personalized recommendations designed to protect your health.

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At Axis Chiropractic we focus on Neuro-Structural Correction

Axis Chiropractic
Dr Rob Dorn
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